Sight Unseen, Word Unheard

September 19, 2012 § 2 Comments


On my way to drop the kids off at school today, we were half listening to the morning radio show, when we overheard one of the talents sharing that they went to a movie over the weekend.  They couldn’t decide what to see so they selected a movie that they had never heard of, nor seen a trailer for, or knew any of the actors in it.   I can’t recall what the name of the movie was, but I do remember hearing how exhilarated they felt going into it, having NO CLUE what to expect…. that is was like an amusement park ride in the dark.

And they loved it!

My 16-year old son clearly stated, “I think every movie should be like that”.

It got me wondering, would you? could you? select a movie based on the title alone?

If all you had was the title, which of these would you choose to see:

Heathens & Thieves

Words of Witness

The Entertainers

Route Thirty, Too

Today We Saw the Face of God

Landscape of Lies

Dead Weight

Which of these titles would you have seen { or not seen } based on title alone:

Pulp Fiction

American Beauty


Good Will Hunting

Almost Famous

Lost in Translation

Little Miss Sunshine


It’s almost hard to imagine seeing any of these based on their title. But I LOVED all of them immensely! Each had it’s own profound affect on me and ignited my passion for film and original screenplays. I truly believe I wouldn’t be the same without them.

In October, I encourage you to step outside your traditional movie box and stretch your viewing boundaries a bit.  There are so many wonderful original films at Landlocked this year, all very special in their own way.

You never know which one will leave it’s mark on your life.



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