LLFF Speaks with Filmmaker Blake Rice

October 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Blake Rice, writer/producer/director, “Angel/Devil”

We recently had a chance to visit with funny filmmaker, Blake Rice; one of the important players from the New Jersey sketch comedy group, Socially Awkward.

Socially Awkward

We are thrilled to have Angel / Devil, a Socially Awkward Comedy Short, on the film slate this year!

{ we think you will be too …  funny funny stuff }

The Devil making his best naughty pitch in Angel / Devil

Here’s what Blake had to say:

LL: How old were you when you realized you wanted to be a filmmaker? Describe your moment.

BR: Sophomore year of High School, had the opportunity to make a video instead of doing the normal assignment, made the video, which soon became a common pattern in high school (schmoozing my way into making goofy irreverent videos instead of homework).

LL: What is currently your favorite movie of all time?  Why?

BR: Jeezes thats rough. Do most filmmakers have an answer for that? Doubt it. If I had to choose it’d be “Shawshank Redemption”. That or “Swat”. Its a dead tie, both ground breaking cinema.

LL: How did you decide on the title for your film?
BR: Our film is about a student, stuck in class, faced with the difficult decision of whether to go home and study, or go out to the bar. He ways the options via the dark/light side of his personality. An “Angel | Devil” of a situation! Charum Chee Charoo Cheecher!
LL: If you were to “label” your genre of film, what would that be? And what draws and/or inspires you to make this type of film?
BR: Its a Rom-Hor. Romantic Horror Flick. Just kidding its a comedy. But I wish it was a Hip-Hopera. But my hip-hop opera isn’t ready yet. What drew me to make this film, was that I was very interested in a protagonist facing a crossroads. But I wanted the protagonist to be the average college kid, and the crossroads something that the average college kid faces. Like studying or getting wasted. An age old story line, with a dope-ass-college style twist. Can I say ass? If so, that’s fetch.
LL:  If you could work with anyone in “Hollywood”, who would it be?  and why?
BR: I would work with renown method actor Daniel Day Lewis. On a biopic film, that I’ve written about myself. That way, Daniel Day Lewis would have to walk around acting just like me for a while. Just me and Daniel Day Lewis kickin’ it in Hollywood. Driving hummers and eating cherries out of Pamela Anderson’s palm. Yeah. Then they’ll stop laughing at me.
To catch Angel / Devil and four other Comedy Shorts, meet us at The Englert Theatre, Friday, Oct 26th at 5pm. Cost $5, or pick up an all-access film pass for only $30
Wanna see more of Blake and his friends from Socially Awkward?
Here’s a lil’ nugget of fun:

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