Family Friendly, Fabulous, Fine, Free Films at the Landlocked Film Festival

October 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Do you love heartwarming stories involving buttons, jungles, slugs, pint-sized soccer players, and robots? If the answer is “Sure, I guess, yes… I think so,” then you and yours can enjoy an outing on Saturday October 27 from 12 noon to 1 pm at the Englert Theater in Iowa City to watch several  jaw-dropping, short, live-action and animated films.

Oh, and did I mention that it is free for the whole family?

“Tell me more,” you say? Well, here’s the line-up:

How Do You Play Football When You Live on a Floating Village – A short documentary film that showcases children soccer players who took it upon themselves to build a soccer field on a small island south of Thailand that floats, and where their dreams take them. This film is subtitled, but the story is so visual, you’ll be swept up in the enthusiasm whether or not you read the subtitles. (Matt Devine & Sanpathit Tavijaroen, 2011)

L’equip Petit – A delightful film from Spain about children on a soccer team and the joy of sportsmanship—no matter what the score may be. (Roger Gomez & Daniel  Resines, 2012)

Ride of Passage – An award-winning 3D animation from Denmark’s Animation Workshop, this film proves that it really IS a jungle out there. (Christian Boving-Andersen, 2012)

Storywoods – A literally stitched together short documentary film  about Rebecca Dudley, who grew up in Durham, New Hampshire, and the incredible stories she tells through her crafty artistry. She “makes everything that appears in her illustrations: the creatures, trees, ponds, and skies.” (Rebecca M. Dudley, 2012)

Another Dress, Another Button – What happens when the buttons are left to their own devices? They go for a little, and highly delightful, spin. This is stop-action animation at its finest. (Lyn Elliot, 2011)

Slug Invasion – Another film from the Animation Workshop by a Norwegian animation team, slugs face off against their foes  for food and, as we all know, all’s fair in hunger and war! (Morten Helgeland, 2012)

The Robot and the Butterfly  – Teacher/Director Mark Jones and students from Lincoln and Lemme elementary schools in Iowa City are responsible for this animated tour de force, wherein a little robot must go through a series of adventures to capture its artistic muse, the butterfly. As noted by the director in a local news article, “The cool thing about this is that kindergarten all the way through sixth grade worked on this. Every student worked on this. ” (Mark Jones and students, 2012)

–Garry Klein, Family-Friendly Films Coordinator


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