LLFF Speaks to Filmmaker David Story

October 19, 2012 § 1 Comment

David Story
Into Thick Air is a short “mockumentary” about Midwest mountaineering.

And it is hilarious!
(all 18 minutes of it)

What makes this film so funny is the fact that these 30-something buddies document their actual weekend trek to the seven summits of the Great Plains.  And the serious nature of the “hollywood” narrator takes the hysterical factor up another notch on the already comedic ladder.
into thick air
There is no doubt in my mind that this film is sure to be coveted by all Midwesterner’s and land-lovers nationwide. And might I just add, I will be looking forward to what David and his friends come up with next!

I recently had the pleasure of sharing our interview questions with filmmaker David Story, and here is what he had to say:

LL: How old were you when you realized you wanted to be a filmmaker? Describe your moment.

I was 14 when I realized I wanted to be a filmmaker.  In a happy confluence of events, I had an English teacher who enjoyed using movies to back up the written word, and that same school year, my father started selling Super 8 cameras to stores.   I was able to get a free camera from my dad, and made a short film in lieu of a book report, and it was so much fun, I felt like I had gotten away with murder.

LL: What is currently your favorite movie of all time?  Why?

DS:Chinatown.   Every part of it comes together perfectly.  The actors, production design, direction, and music are superb.  The script is one of the best ever written.

LL: How did you decide on the title for your film?

My movie is a light-hearted documentary about climbing the peaks of the Midwest/Great Plains States.   Other mountaineers go into thin air, but in the low elevations and occasionally humid places we were going, it felt appropriate to call the film “Into Thick Air.”

LL: If you were to “label” your genre of film, what would that be? And what draws and/or inspires you to make this type of film?

I’d call it a road movie/adventure film/mockumentary/documentary.  It’s not a strict mockumentary, in that all the events really happened, but around those true events are some intentionally comic moments.   I’m drawn to this type of movie because I like films that are funny but not contrived.

LL: If you could work with anyone in “Hollywood”, who would it be?  and why?

I’m a huge fan of the Coen Brothers, I think their movies are both wildly funny and mesmerizingly intense.   I hate it when good filmmakers seem like they’re just rehashing past work.   No one could accuse “The Big Lebowski” and “No Country for Old Men” of being overly similar, and I guess that’s one reason I’d love to work with the Coen Brothers and see how they make their films.

Thank you, David!

Into Thick Air will be the first film to screen in the Comedy Shorts segment on Friday, October 25th at 5pm at the Englert Theatre. The cost is only $5 to see all six films, or pick up a $30 all access Film Pass for the weekend here.

Click on the poster to watch a glimpse …


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  • Mary B says:

    The Coen brothers are my favorite working directors, too. And hey, if anyone gets a chance to see Dave Story’s PLAY ON, by all means do so! It’s a great movie, heartwarming, funny, charming.

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