Film review: My Date with Adam

August 14, 2014 § Leave a comment

Released: November 2013; Written & Directed by: Dennis Schebetta; With: Tressa Glover, Brian Morvant, Julianne Avolio, Dennis Schebetta

My Date With Adam is the darling story of Sarah (Tressa Glover), a wedding planner whose camel’s back depends on the success of her upcoming date with Adam (Brian Morvant), a computer science PhD candidate she met online. In the interest of keeping this review spoiler-free, I will say that Adam is so much more than a man. Unfortunately for Sarah, a good ol’ man is all she really wants. Her bestie Julie (Julianne Avolio) provides the requisite (and charming) snarky commentary while Sarah navigates a sticky wicket of a situation.

MDWA is, at its heart, an homage to ‘80s rom-coms, full of romantic gestures, a female protagonist who is always a bridesmaid…, a little bit of suspension of disbelief, and a super-catchy soundtrack. It references Say Anything on three separate occasions, and features a sidekick who is thisclose to having a few too many and crooning her own version of Joe Lies, such is her put-on disdain for the rougher gender.

Glover is low-key and lovely as Sarah, but she’s clearly got a handy and spot-on knack for comic timing. Her explosions and expletive-tossing are well-measured and hilarious. Avolio is the perfect associate, cleanly responding to Glover’s cues and developing an honest character in the process. Morvant is adorable as Adam / Philip (See the film to witness the reveal of the dual role!). His physicality is perfect here, stiff and uncomfortable as is appropriate and relaxed and earnest later as he woos Sarah.

This movie is, visually, laid out just like a good, solid, happy romantic comedy. The brights are bright, the floofs are floofy, and, due to Sarah’s and Julie’s jobs in the wedding business, most scenes are festooned with white fluff and tiaras, cakes, garland, and champagne flutes. It’s a seamless counterpoint to Sarah’s intense desire to find Prince Charming by her self-set deadline, and a perfect way to set this little gem.

All the elements are in the right places in this film. It’s truly just good fun.

-Leah Gehlsen


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